EMLEG works on your computer, your mobile, your tablet, and your phone.

Emissions standards can be complex to understand, but EMLEG provides easy-to-read summaries that can help you to quickly check the latest emissions standards along with a summary review to help you interpret them. EMLEG covers emissions standards for the EU, US, California, India, China, Japan and several other markets worldwide.

Brought to you by Ricardo Centre of Knowledge, the EMLEG database itself is a world of emissions, with all the legislation and technical information made clear: translated into English, quality checked, categorised and easy to search.

EMLEG keeps track of all the developments for light and heavy duty vehicles and motorcycles, including requirements for certification and in-service testing, emissions limits, evaporative emissions requirements, on-road testing, CO2 emissions standards and electrification requirements.

EMLEG covers emissions requirements for diesel and small and large spark ignition engines used in agricultural, power generation, railway, marine and other non-road applications.

Easy to access on your computer, smartphone or tablet with an intuitive menu and simple search, EMLEG really will simplify the way you work - keeping you informed and cutting research time.

Easy to Search
Intuitive Interface
Multiple Licence Options

Emissions Legislation

EMLEG is a comprehensive database of worldwide exhaust emissions regulations and CO2 emissions/fuel economy standards. Current and future regulations are summarised and content can be accessed from the Region or the Topics & Sector menus.

Easy to Use

Legislation pages are easy to find by utilising the main navigation or the search box. Entries returned from a search can be further sorted and/or filtered to quickly find the results you require. A dynamically built home page allows direct access to most visited pages and latest updates.

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